Grab your audience's attention

With nawmalMAKE you can quickly turn your text-based training into engaging videos.

These examples from Allyson Benavides illustrate how you can use nawmalMAKE to create animated course introductions and content. The characters in the introductions can also become course mentors, guiding your learner through the course material. (Each video was completed in less than 5 hours)

Lexium, in Mexico, enhance learning abilities by offering assessments, diagnosis and training from K to adult in schools and companies to help people become better learners.

Their series of “Lernen” videos inform about the many different learning abilities and ways learners can improve them on a daily basis.

“Before nawmal we created the videos with real people, but this is a very complex procedure because of the availability of people and the time it takes.  With nawmal the procedure to create the video is extraordinarily quick and effective, plus, the characters in nawmal are fresh and versatile.”  Laura Elizondo

Here is a great example of storytelling, impressively created and produced by Thel Rountree for Cornerstone Church of Long Beach, California.

This video includes extracts from 3 different units taken from an online learning course based on the book - "Pastoring the Flock of God" by Jerry Rueb

Here is a really inventive treatment for a conversation in this example from who creatively staged a conversation to mimic the increasing common occurrence of tele-conferencing.

Here is an example from Officeatwork in Switzerland, who used nawmalMAKE to introduce and help explain how their product functions to prospective customers.

The team at bx1 - a TV station in Brussels, Belgium - have developed a pipeline using nawmalMAKE to efficiently and cost-effectively create their daily weather forecasts. Check out their videos by clicking on the image.

Here is an extract from a retail training course created by Stéphane Cousin for in France using nawmalMAKE and Storyline.

This example shows Stéphane's creative redecoration of the Cyclorama and Showroom sets - from the Backdrops collection.




The course comprises 50 x 10-minute modules, each with 7-8 minutes of video created in nawmalMAKE.
Using the language versioning capabilities of nawmal - the course can easily be re-authored in English !

Text document to video - affordably

Here's an example illustrating the engagement benefits and the clearer communication of information which can be achieved by turning a 3 page instructional PDF, into a 2 minute video created using nawmalMAKE.

The text was copied from the document and pasted into MAKE, and the screen-grabbed images were copied and displayed on the active screens in the set.

The whole transformation was completed entirely in nawmalMAKE and took under 3 hours.

With thanks to David Harnden and all at enovista


Just nutmeg it!

nawmal worked with AMV BBDO and nutmeg to help create their advertising campaign.

The TV ad was created by London animation studio NotToScale using high-resolution versions of two nawmal characters.

nawmal's specially created characters are being used in nawmalMAKE to create videos for an online campaign to run in conjunction with the TV ad and a poster campaign running across London.

Mix it up!


Jean-Charles Guy uses nawmalMAKE in a very creative way; he mixes reality and animation. It is not uncommon in his movies to see nawmal's characters interact with real people. His engaging movies are used for communication and training purposes within the company.